A grave situation

Amidst the bloodshed comes- even more bloodshed this time caused by a natural disaster, you would have to have been living in a hole if you didn’t know that I am of course referring to the Japanese catastrophe. In short a cataclysmic domino disaster that can only be described as horrifying. But it took an earthquake that caused a tsunami that killed a predicted 40,000 and raged inland to a defunct nuclear power plant that will wreak more nuclear havoc than Chernobyl to expose the shocking reality of nuclear safety.
To make the worst of a bad situation, according to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Fukushima should have been decommissioned in 1990 as it failed to meet safety regulations but nothing was done by TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) to address this problem, until now of course, the expression too little too late springs to mind.
To illustrate this incident initially I tried (like many other illustrators) to use imagery that put a more positive spin on the situation but found it impossible. Instead I found the most appropriate angle to approach this devastation was encompassed in the way that mass graves had been dug to bury the dead. The Japanese, having a mostly Buddhist population, prefer to cremate the deceased but this is unfeasible considering the circumstances so the military have resorted to digging mass graves for the victims of this severe tragedy.   

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