Talk to the Miliband, the government ain't listening

Last month saw a large cross section of the British public take to the streets of London to demonstrate against the governments ruthless cut's. An estimated 250,000+ were counted for at the TUC alternative march for jobs, growth and justice, in its midst were doctors, firemen, trade unions, community groups, teachers and pupils- all there to make clear their concern about the severity of the latest government cuts.

The government’s reaction to this statement from the majority was to ignore it and claim all is necessary to get rid of the deficit In fact the only consolation came from wide eyed, pity accumulator Ed Miliband.

In his speech to the thousands of already likely voters, Mili-hand compared their plight to the struggle of the suffragettes and the civil rights movement in America. Demonstrators may take some piece of mind for their efforts knowing that even though the government is making no amendments labour still backs the alternative.

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