Diplomatic Car-nage

I have an image ingrained in my soul, one I will never forget. It is the pixelated video footage of the diplomatic car that injured and killed an alleged 20 pro democracy protesters during the Egyptian civil war. This event is generally not so well known- somewhat of a grey area in that day’s news and many have not seen it- if one was to search this footage I warn the material should not be viewed by anyone
There is however no right or wrong to this story just one big mess. One could argue tirelessly about who should be held to account for this bloody occurrence, many people (understandably) blame the people inside the vehicle, some say diplomats- others say car thieves, for their actions but who among us us would make the right decision when faced by an angry mob? That’s if the driver was even provoked, the footage is too vague to decipher
Personally I just wish that these things wouldn't happen and it wouldn't have in the grand scheme of things if it wasn't for one Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak and his refusal to give his people what they want- he is the real driver against pro democracy demonstrations.  To the Egyptians my heart goes out.
Incidents like this are the harsh reminder of the way everything crumbles when communication has broken down and neither side will budge.
I didn't want the image for this piece to be witty, funny or conceptual I just wanted to portray it the way it is. In which case some might say there is no point in rendering such an image to this I respond-
Pictures have a way of immortalizing events and although I wish I hadn't seen this atrocity I never want to forget it because it makes one realise the worth of a democratic society, worth fighting for, even dying for.

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