Here is an image I was asked to do recently by underground apparel merchants- the treemasons.


Templar Knight

I did this here knight tattoo design for a friend of mine. sketch coloured digitally.



Working on an interesting project at the moment called "Steak".

Steak is a collaborative comic book where several different illustrators take on one story about a time travelling chef who runs a chain of restaurants selling dinosaur meat.

Each artist works on a different segment of the story which is interesting because each persons portrayal of the characters and elements of the story will be individual and unique.




Banjo the flying pig is now an ebook, im told that it is available on itunes. Comes complete with voice narration, animation and its own theme tune! http://www.maxinemallen.com/


Maggie The Wonder Dog

Maxine Mellen's latest children's book- Maggie the Wonder Dog.

"A classic tale of the underdog who becomes a Wonder dog!"

"Meet Maggie a mutt with a messy side. After a mishap too many, Maggie is made to leave the family home to learn to behave but that’s just the start of her worries. At the Obedience Centre, things are not what they seem. Where do all the dogs go? What is Evil Kate cooking? And how are they going to escape? A delightful rhyming tale that underpins the importance of self-belief." 


Banjo The Flying Pig

Recently I was given the pleasure of illustrating author- Maxine Mallen's children's book- 'Banjo The Flying Pig'. A rhyming story for 4-6 year olds about a pig with a magic wish! more on that one here: http://www.maxinemallen.com/banjo--the-flying-pig.html

Below are a few of my favorite images from the book.


Recently I have been noting down various random occurrences in my day to day life and turning them into these short strips which I plan to put together at some point.


Time: Optimistic

These are the book illustrations for William Conway's short: optimism- part of Lazy Gramaphone's new collaborative release, 'Time'.


The Time Project

The Time has finally come for the release of Lazy gramophone's 'Time Project', a collection of words and images in book form. Check their site for more deets- http://www.lazygramophone.com/

and click here to see the countdown for the release of the time project


John, dementia and me

This is the cover illustration for the latest book cover I'm working on- Rosemary Westwell's 'John Dementia and Me' a heartfelt account of her husband's struggle with onset dementia.



Illustration for author Will Conway's online story- 'Cemetery'


APN Development

These are some further designs for super fly clothing brand APN. I'm introducing these new characters as part of the brands up and coming summer range, In order of appearance: Baby M's crest, The Bone Polisher and sasquatter.   



These are just some tasters of something i'm working on at the moment for Lazy Gramaphone's next publication, I cant show the whole thing until its out but i can show you these close ups,
oooooo top secret.


Brown Frequency

At around 7 hertz of infrasonic frequency soundwaves lives a dark myth- the brown note.


New Orleans Billboard

Recently I was commissioned by artbelow to do a billboard ad for an exhibition they're gonna have in New Orleans. For me I get to see my drawing blown up by 20 feet, which is cool.



Hey peops, had a baby? maybe not anyway these are my congrats card designs for little one prints.


Roof Dwellers

This is a draft cover I did for a pitch for new game currently in production. Written by Simon Parker. Although the game is set in the future the theme for the image was a kitsch 80's movie poster sort of feel, think blade runner.


T-Shirt development

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that dont know I am currently working on a series of t-shirts set for release in April next year for up and coming clothes company APN.
Below are a few images of progress so far, the first rough draughts if you will.

hope you like.



This is a comic strip cv i did for my friend.


Self portrait

Tandem chicks, mooning babies and cool kids

Last weekend APN apparel took me to a rather incogrious Canary Wharf for the latest Future Cinema event to do some wall drawing. Twas a banging melange of vampires, motorcycles and fly boys complete with a sandy beach and palm trees. The mural itself was a play on APN's infamous 'baby M' charicter- the embodiment of the brands mischevious spirit married with the slogan 'cool kids cant die'- loosely related to the 80's hit lost boys, "Now you know what we are, now you know what you are. You'll never grow old, Michael, and you'll never die. But you must feed"
-David .