Odds and ends of things

These are self portraits done during my self initiated project on isolation. The main idea behind this project was to see first hand effects of isolation, I did this by locking myself in a room for 50 hours with nothing but rationed food, a sleeping bag, a toilet and a note pad to find out Joseph Boyce style what effect this would have on myself and my work. these three self portraits are a small selection of the final images that were produced.

Below are some images developed in what I would call a rather unstable phase in my approach to drawing. the aim was to pack too much information into the image so that initially the eye doesn't settle and the information is difficult to decode.

a few observational drawings from my trip to the Pitt Rivers museum, Oxford. A tribesman's scull, a Maurie painting and a face from an advert for Jamaican rum in the underground station.

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  1. loving the 'too much info packed' images. can u do them on t-shirts?