Etta's Kitchen

The situation of consumer buying patterns in this country at the moment is a pity. Its a pity that Large organisations and businesses are pushing the independent business to extinction. In return for the disappearance of these small businesses we get sterile and clinical supermarkets run by overseas companies sucking life out of  local economy and in my opinion further declining the sense of community spirit in built up areas.
Brixton Market is a short walk round the corner from where I live and that is one place I feel that the community is striking back. New tactics and measures such as the brixton pound and night time events are being employed to ensure that this is one local infrastructure that will not soon be a shopping mall, retail centre or a link in a conglomerate supermarket chain.
This was my inspiration for the Etta's kitchen project. Etta's Kitchen is a delightful Caribbean Seafood restaurant in the heart of Brixton Village. The proprietor of this business- Etta has not only a warm smile for all but a genuinely outstanding knack for authentic caribbean seafood.

Seeing and tasting this gave me an idea- to offer my illustrative skills to aid the progress of this quaint eatery.
Etta was keen and knew exactly what she wanted- for someone to design imagery for the window display of her shop.
  To help speed up the production I enlisted the help of good friend Will Flawn, having seen some examples of Will's work in big before I knew he was the man for the job, we collaborated on the first image of the fish on the window.


  1. Nice! My friend and cousin is part of this fab restaurant, that I have yet to taste - I like the fish!

  2. I ate there on Thursday night...a whole Lobster! Delicious. The illustrations are fantastic. Add to the whole "brixton cool" feel of the place. Love it!

  3. i eat the best whole crab on at Saturday