V&A Charity Art Auction

Recently I made a piece for the sun's 40Th anniversary art auction. The event was held at the Victoria & Albert museum and raised £15 000 for the charitable organisation- break through breast cancer. My submission was a mixed media art object which helped raise £600 for the cause when it sold at the eve

The piece itself is a parody on the regular newspaper column- 'The news in briefs'. The model pictured is Peta Todd, a current page three girl and radio presenter, chosen for her involvement in recent discussion about the controversial page three debate. The piece is entitled 'the news in briefcase'.

The aim of the piece is to open debate about the sun's "national institution" AKA page 3 using the contents of the briefcase as a metaphor for the contents of the tabloid newspaper- The Sun.
The production of the piece was a collaboration between photography, drawing and illustration. The exterior of the case was rendered through a process called photo emulsion. To complete this task I enlisted the help of some good friends of mine, Josh Horwood and Josef Hoyle who succeeded in exposing a photograph of the newspaper cover sheets onto the case, essentially turning the object into a photographic surface. The inside is a pencil portrait of page 3 glamour model Todd, underneath this image is a secret illustration- available to the buyer only.

myself and fellow collaborators


  1. It really caught my eye for being such an alternative representation of page 3 at the V&A.Well done Lee! Smashing work. wish I could buy that briefcase if I had the money! xx

  2. You are a Bloody Genius Lee!